About Bright Chemicals Corporation

Mission and Philosophy

Bright Chemicals Corporation was established for the purpose of manufacturing and marketing industrial and consumer quality cleansing related products that contain environment friendly and biodegradable ingredients.

Bright Chemicals Corporation embraces the challenge to clean up the environment for the sustainable development of future generation of Filipinos.

Bright Chemicals Corporation has geared its production technology, its personnel training, its marketing and distribution system towards a self-sustained program of educating its consumer base and millions of Filipinos about the vital importance of protecting our water, soil and air.

The Corporate Logo

It's corporate logo, lotus floating on water, symbolizes the company‘s commitment to formulate and produce cleansing agents from the environmental friendly chemicals. these chemicals are presented by three liquid chemical drops that converge to form the petals of the water, lotus symbolizing a life form. The drops falling and mixing with water, represented by the round rippling lines, connotes the company’s small but significant contribution to the world - that of saving nature.

Company Organization

Bright Chemicals Corporation was incorporated on 16 October 1996 as a duly SEC registered company.

Background and Expertise

Mr. Efren Salvador, Bright Chemicals President has 25 years experience in the chemical field Having worked with a leading manufacturing and marketing company, Chemphil group, as Sales Manager, Mr.Salvador has dealt with many major suppliers, users, exporters and importers of various chemical base, both natural and synthetic products.

While at Chemphil, Mr. Salvador developed and expanded the detergent chemical supply business that helped trasform Chemphil to leading supplier nationwide for detergent base chemical. Testing his own expertise in the field of detergent business, he put up along with his associates his first business venture in detergent manufacturing, EMC Industrial Corporation. After five years, the company grossed annual sales of P60M. Bright Chemicals succeeds his business venture as it surges towards the production of environment friendly cleansing products in home and industries, supporting Mr. Salvador in the Technical and Production phases of BrightChem is his wife and business partner, Liwayway Salvador, she's a Chemical Engineer by education and Chemist by profession . Now, she's responsible in formulating environment friendly products of the company that the Filipino market will use. Having worked for Chemphil for 15 years as Chemist in major detergent chemicals, she joined her husband at EMC where her detergent product formulations succesfully penetrated the market.

Backstopping the company in further technological innovations, is a group of technical consultants whose in depth experience are not just at the local detergent manufacturing and marketing scale but at international levels as well. These consultants are tested by extensive years of experience in the formulation and production of detergents, cosmetics, haircare and other allied products.